Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd received Golden Rice Award in 2018

On November 9, 2018, Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd was honored to receive the 2018 Vietnam Golden Rice Award from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for Thanh Tam VN – Humix bio-organic fertilizer product.

The Golden Rice Award is the only award given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development every three years to honor collectives and individuals with products which are outstanding, excellent, high-quality and have advanced production technology, making a worthy contribution to the development of Vietnamese agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd is the unit which specializes in producing organic fertilizers by Vietnam’s advanced biotechnology, with the birth of two fertilizer production factories in Hau Giang and Binh Duong province, which have a capacity of over 100,000 tons of fertilizer/year, serving the Vietnamese market and Southeast Asian area.

The products of Thanh Tam Fertilizer Company, with the proactive alluvium enrichment technology, with the source of organic raw materials from composted manure, seaweeds containing abundant micronutrients suitable for all types of crops, help improve soil, increase fertility, increase nutrients, help plants grow strongly and develop comprehensively, enhance the quality of agricultural products, bringing high economic efficiency for farmers and farms, creating fresh, safe and high quality agricultural products for consumers.

Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd has launched 3 products: Thanh Tam QT-IV mineral organic fertilizer, Thanh Tam VN – Humix bio-organic fertilizer, Thanh Tam synthetic organic fertilizer, diversifying high quality organic fertilizer products, creating favorable conditions for farmers to access quality and safe organic fertilizer products with many outstanding features.

Accompanying farmers for an organic and hi-tech agricultural industry, creating seasons of abundant crops, Thanh Tam organic fertilizer products are increasingly asserting the brand’s strength, assuring farmers of the products’ quality. People in farming areas have gradually changed the way of thinking and have increased the use of organic fertilizers processed according to the industrial scale of Thanh Tam Fertilizer Company with many benefits such as: reducing pests and diseases, increasing resistance of crops, producing high quality agricultural products, enhancing the economic value per unit area.

With the motto “The victory of farmers is the triumph of the company”, Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd will gradually advance technology, become the leading organic fertilizer company in Vietnam, contributing to building a safe, sustainable and hi-tech organic agricultural industry, creating seasons of abundant crops.

The 2018 Golden Rice Award granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is both an honor and a great motivation for Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd to continue making efforts in the journey of accompanying farmers, building a sustainable agricultural industry, for the health of growers and consumers, contributing to reduce environmental pollution.


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