Linking and consuming products

Included in the long-term and sustainable development plans of Thanh Tam, linking and consuming agricultural products play an important role in the chain of linking farm produce which Thanh Tam is heading towards. Procuring, purchasing, consuming fresh and safe farm produce according to organic standards are important criteria for Vietnamese agricultural products in general and Thanh Tam farm produce in particular to reach out to the international market and to gradually affirm the position of Vietnamese agricultural products. For this reason, Thanh Tam hopes to be an important connector in order that farmer households, cooperatives, enterprises which produce quality organic products can approach demanding markets and moderately enhance the value of farm produce.


Planting and caring techniques for sweet potato plant

Sweet potato is the scientific name of Ipomoca batatas L., the English name is Sweet potato, belonging to the family Bim (Convolvulaceae). Sweet potatoes are originally derived from tropical America. Sweet potatoes are not only important crops that provide food for humans, but also provide food for the livestock industry.

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Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd received Golden Rice…

On November 9, 2018, Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd was honored to receive the 2018 Vietnam Golden Rice Award from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for Thanh Tam VN – Humix bio-organic fertilizer product. The Golden Rice Award is the only award given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development every three […]

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Planting and caring techniques for tomatoes
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