Thanh Tam mineral organic fertilizers and Thanh Tam VN-HUMIX bio-organic fertilizers have been tested across the country, and are rated by experts as current top quality products in Vietnam. To verify the products’ efficiency, sustainability and safety towards consumers, Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd has cooperatively carried out experiments on various common trees in over 20 provinces.

In order to improve products’ quality, Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd has cooperated to exclusively distribute, utilize the ingredients from Purebase Corporation – USA with abundant, quality secondary, micro nutrient content, providing essential minerals for soil. Thanh Tam Fertilizer’s imported ingredients, which are used to produce organic products, all receive international organic certification.

Thanh Tam Fertilizer Company has successfully built a smart and sustainable organic agriculture farm model, studied by Thanh Tam’s team of experts, engineers. This model can also be applied to various kinds of soil and small climate regions of Vietnam, and does not require too much farmland, with a rate of investment of 100 million dong/ha and above, ensuring criteria such as:

 ● Organic breeding and farming (without the use of processed food, chemical fertilizers, poisonous chemicals in prevention of diseases, or unnatural physical chemical methods…)

● Application of advanced technology to maximize and automate 70-100% production, harvest and preparation processes.

● Ensuring food hygiene.

● Increasing productivity and unleashing labour effort for farmers.

● Sustainable development (without polluting the environment, contributing to greenhouse effect, or diminishing biodiversity…).


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