Agricultural equipment supply service

With a view to helping farmers approach modern agricultural technology and equipment, contributing to prevent economic collapse and promote agricultural – rural development in this new age, Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd specializes in counselling, choosing, supplying machines, equipment, transportation for agricultural production and process such as:

Tractors, agrimotors, tilling machines, light trucks (load capacity under 5 tons).

Combine harvesters, threshers, grinders, seeding machines, huskers, tea rolling machines.

Diesel engine, motors, electric generator, motor-attached boats, water pump, oxygen aerators for aquaculture,

Lawn mower, grass chopper, crusher, food mixer, briquette machine,

Milking machine, poultry incubator…

Along with those is a professional technical team who counsel, instruct, assist farmers to choose suitable, affordable, quality, ‘long-term warranty’ machines and equipment.


Planting and caring techniques for gourds

The gourd tree is also called the year-old bulb, soil, or potting bulb The gourd is scientific name Lagernaria siceraria (Molina) Standl., Of the cucurbitaceae family. The potting plant is native to Africa and India, and is now widely grown in tropical and subtropical countries worldwide. Gourds are both delicious, cool and nutritious food.

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Planting and caring techniques for chili peppers
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Planting and caring techniques for durian
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