List of distributors in Thai Nguyen province

STT Name Address Tel
1 PHU LUONG AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES AGENCY An Thai sub-area, Du town, Phu Luong province, Thai Nguyen province


Planting and caring techniques for tea tree

Tea tree (Camellia sinensis) is a long-term industrial tree with a subtropical origin, with young leaves and shoots (8 – 13% of the plant’s biomass). Suitable in tropical and subtropical conditions, most and midlands and mountainous areas. The suitable temperature for tea is about 20 – 30oC, the length of 11 hours / day, the […]

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Planting and caring techniques for orange
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Fertilizer exportation

Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd always focuses on the objective to enhance quality of products, fulfilling export standards. The company is willing to cooperate to manufacture and export fertilizers according to orders from foreign partners, suitable for the Asean market and other countries around the world that request organic agricultural production.

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