List of distributors in Quang Ngai province

STT Name Address Tel
1 MINH CHAU ORGANIC AGRICULTURE CO., LTD Ky Tho Nam 1 hamlet, Hanh Duc commune, Nghia Hanh district, Quang Ngai province


Planting and caring techniques for asparagus

Asparagus scientific name Asparagus officinalis – a perennial, shrub, herbaceous plant. There are 3 types: purple asparagus, white asparagus and green asparagus, which grow well in temperatures of 20 – 300C, preferably 250C. Asparagus is resistant to cold, but below 15 degrees Celsius the plant will stop growing. Asparagus is grown both in the plains […]

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Planting and caring techniques for jackfruit
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Introduction and benefits of using Thanh Tam fertilizer

Thanh Tam Fertilizer Co., Ltd with the slogan “Thanh Tam – Enhance Vietnamese agricultural products” is the unit which specializes in producing organic fertilizers by Vietnam’s advanced biotechnology, with the birth of two fertilizer production factories in Hau Giang and Binh Duong province, which have a capacity of over 100,000 tons of fertilizer/year, serving the […]

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